• Document Management, Execution and Control
  • Bank Account /On-line and ATM
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Remote Access Identification
  • Gate Identification Control and Log
  • Government / Military
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    Document Management, Execution and Control

    In June 2000, Congress passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (the "E-Sign Act"). The E-Sign Act makes digitally signed electronic agreements as legally valid as hand-signed, printed documents. We believe the changes that could be adopted under the E-Sign Act have not been broadly implemented because there are few alternatives available to easily exploit this legal recognition of today's electronic transfer and paperless reality. Most paper documents are created as an electronic file and then printed so that parties can read and "sign the original" indicating final approval and/or agreement. Current electronic document technology is that these signed documents are then scanned back into the computer for electronic filing and control. Since the scanned images cannot be guaranteed as to their authenticity, the paper originals must be maintained. The original documents must be physically transported when transferred and assigned. There are expenses in this traditional system at every step; scanning, maintenance and transportation.

    We believe our Dynamic Signature solution can provide the basis for significant acceptance of electronic signature or e-signing

    Bank Account /On-line and ATM

    A customer opens a bank account at a local branch. When the customer signs a normal signature card using a Bio-Pen, his or her biometric signature is captured at the same time. The customer can accomplish this process without any additional time or process steps. The captured biometrics data can be utilized in several ways.

    Every time the customer re-visits to any branch, enters the safe-deposit box or uses the ATM, any important transactions can be simultaneously authorized and verified by utilizing the Bio-Pen. Additional steps of checking the photo ID or credit card would not be necessary. This means DynaSig system actually combines the normal procedure of signing with the additional procedure of checking ID into one single step.

    The Internet banking also can be set up without any additional procedures. The customer simply logs onto the web site using the Bio-Pen connected to the home PC. This whole process does not require any additional sign up steps currently required by most banks and Internet sites, furthermore, the customer does not need to use any additional passwords or PIN numbers.

    Credit Card Processing

    If the customer wishes to apply for a credit card through the same bank, the same biometrics reference can be used for verification and authentication at the point-of-sales terminal. For example, when the credit card is utilized (swiped) and the receipt printed, the customer signs the paper receipt in a normal manner using Bio-Pen. The biometric signature is then verified much like that of the credit card information that was swiped.

    Most of the credit card fraud occurs when the physical card is stolen or an imposter tries to have a new card issued to them mailed to a wrong address. By utilizing the DynaSig system, the credit card fraud and the identity theft can be prevented before it happens rather then catching the fraudulent event while it is happening or after the damage has been done.

    Remote Access Identification

    No password memorization is required: Bio-Pen creates, maintains and protects the strongest password in the industry without actual password. No need to look over the shoulder to see anyone is looking to steal the password while signing in.

    • PC Log on screen authentication
    • Intranet access and authorization
    • Internet Web log-in
    • Clean Web for kids
    Gate Identification Control and Log

    "The pen is mightier than the sword."

    • Employee and Visitor Entry/Exit Control
    • Child Care Pick-Up
    Government / Military

    Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD 12) was signed by President Bush on August 27, 2004 and established the basic identification standard requirements for Federal Agencies and employees. In response, the Office of Management and Budget issued a memorandum to the heads of all departments and agencies outlining E-Authentication Guidance for Federal Agencies (OMB M-04-04). In order to comply, the Department of Commerce, NIST issued the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS PUB 201) for Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors. All federal agencies were to have a complete implementation plan by June 27, 2005 and must start using IDs meeting the standard to access facilities and information systems (including remote access using open networks). The Standard was split into two parts: PIV I described the minimum requirements that all agencies must comply with by October 27, 2005 and PIV II provides detailed specifications that agencies must comply with by October 27, 2006.

    We believe that our Dynamic Signature solution not only can provide the basis for significant acceptance of electronic signature or e-signing as indicated above but we believe can also satisfy all four authentication-levels of OMB M-04-04.

    Visa/Passport Security Solution

    A US visa is applied for at a consular office abroad. The prospective applicant simply signs a document using DynaSig's Secure Biometric Identification solution. At the time of signing, this proprietary biometric pen, securely captures the 'act' of writing - the biometric characteristics of the pen movement. These "biometrics" are uncannily unique and repetitively accurate for each individual. Personalizing a signature by combining multiple voluntary (intentional) and involuntary (muscle memory) characteristics, makes duplication virtually improbable and creates unsurpassed identity verification.

    The signature from the consular office can then be recorded, stored and verified locally or remotely via any network or Internet connection with DynaSig's Dynamic Correlation Software. Using an ingenious algorithm, this software is both forgiving of and adaptive to variations in the writer's behavior, while it verifies and processes multiple statistical parameters.

    At any entry or transit point in the United States or anywhere else in the world all that is needed is our Bio-Pen (fairly inexpensive, small and USB port compatible) and a connection to an ordinary PC. At the time of verification (the person writing the same signature as the application), the captured data can be authenticated by the local PC (assuming the database from the consular office has been downloaded), or the data can be transferred to an internal network server or be sent via secure Internet connection for real-time identification.