The Bio-Pen System consists of a proprietary dynamic biometric capture device plus the proprietary software necessary to verify the process of creating a signature. This system can be deployed at the individual PC level and Internet sites.

  • Bio-Pen: Proprietary biometric pen that securely captures the ‘act’ of writing.
  • Bio-Sign: Adaptively adjusts for the writer’s behavior and processes multiple statistical parameters.
  • Conventional signature systems compare the ‘image’ of a signature. Replication of the signature’s ‘look’ is possible by skilled forgers, allowing the system to be easily fooled and compromised. Bio-Pen is unique in that it evaluates the ‘act’ of creating the signature. This individual personal behavior of signing is nearly impossible to forge.

    Identity theft and credit card fraud costs US companies $50 Billion and consumers over $2 Billion per year. Current point-of-sales (POS) terminals do not authenticate - some capture the image of a signature, but still don't positively prove that the person presenting the card is allowed to use the card. The need is for a system that securely and positively verifies that the person presenting the card is the owner of the card while protecting the privacy of the card owner. The same technique can be used for Internet transactions, entry access, corporate security, visa applications, airports, military, etc.

    There are a range of biometric solutions that have been developed and brought to market. Physical biometrics include fingerprint, hand, iris, retina and face. These can uniquely identify a person, but are easily fooled. There is also the fear of identity theft & physical harm in attempts to compromise these systems. Behavioral biometrics include signature, voice and keystroke. These are much less reliable, and also easily copied. Pad based signature acquisition and image comparison systems are not secure and do not safeguard the user’s privacy.

    DynaSig has solved the problems that have kept others from bringing a viable solution to market.
    • Accuracy - Sophisticated proprietary ‘analog’ & ‘digital’ adaptable signal processing and analysis provide recognition reliability previously unattainable.
    • Security - System architecture encodes and encrypts directly from sensors inside the pen as a ‘digital hologram’ eliminating possibility of ‘playback’ of behavior.
    • Privacy & Flexibility – The stored data cannot be used to recreate the original signature or any other personal information which eliminates the possibility of piracy if a system is breached; also, the user can choose and create any signature (pass-phrase) at anytime.