Product News
Bio-Pen Agent 3.3.0 Version (with LockBox 4.6.3, PDF 4.6.3, LogBook 4.6.3, WebLogBook 2.6.3, and PW Vault 1.6.3) Released (2014-1-28)

The DynaSig system utilizes the Dynamic Signature Process unique to each individual as its basis for authenticating individual identification. The Bio-Pen has the following advantages when compared to other biometric identification options:
  • Its multi-factor authentication and uses both behavioral and physical characteristics as determining biometric identifiers.
  • It is a natural model, well accepted and easy to implement in an organization, and requires no learning curve or "social" engineering.
  • It cannot be intercepted or copied the way fingerprints or other physical biometrics can.
  • The Bio-Pen can also act as a physical "token" which not only generates a unique password at each signature verifying authority, presence and cooperation, but also has the additional security option of allowing the further uniqueness that the signature has been made by a signer's assigned pen.